New Zealand

I am currently living in New Zealand working with Jesus followers to spread the Good News through evangelism, service and showing the Love of God demonstrated through His Son Jesus.

Jesus Follower Pin

My family and I created the Jesus Follower pin so that we could show the world that we are not ashamed to follow Jesus. We wanted to make a way for Jesus followers to be able to share their faith in an engaging and simple way!

Jesus Wants You

Inspired by the famous Uncle Sam “I want you for U.S. Army” poster, we have created a brand that we pray will be as memorable and impactful but for Jesus Christ!

Beautiful Bibles

Experience the Gospel of Matthew like you have never seen it before and immerse yourself in God’s creation while you read His amazing word!

Talk With Christians

A weekly, live, talk show where I talk with Jesus followers about important topics and answer peoples questions live!

Pure Browser

The worlds first Christian web browser. Pure Browser filters out 300+ impure words and close to 2 Million impure sites.

A Million Prayers

Changing the world with the power of prayer!