Monthly Reports

May 2021

Greetings Christian Family

We appreciate all your prayers and support as we bring the Good News to Christchurch.

The month of May was an exciting one and we are excited to see what God will do in June!

🎉 May Highlight

1 person in May decided to FOLLOW JESUS and put on Jesus in baptism! (Matthew 28:19, Galatians 3:27)

🏠 Family Life

We are still staying in a local hostel and seeing God work in amazing ways every day

From encouraging the hopeless to bringing light in the darkness, we are seeing our prayers answered daily for God to turn this city to him, one soul, at a time.

❤️‍🔥 Evangelism

12 people this month have attended Pizza & Jesus on Sunday and we had 3 people attend our first Wednesday night Bible study on the book of Matthew.

I marketed the $5 Jesus Event in May and received thousands of views/engagements and many comments but had only 2 people sign up so I canceled the event.  I think there is still good potential with this idea so I will try other ways to reach the lost.

🎯 This Months Goals

  1. Continue Sunday Pizza & Jesus
  2. Continue Wednesday Night Bible Study
  3. Create ONE Facebook advertising campaign where I will work to directly assist people in need.
  4. Write ONE article to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus.
  5. Create ONE video to help equip the saints for good works and evangelism.
  6. Create ONE email drip campaign (comprised of 5 emails) to reach the lost and spread the Good News of Jesus.
  7. Plan/Attend ONE family service activity where the entire family can help spread the Good News of Jesus.

🤝💡 Connect & Shine Bright

Interested in joining me, shining bright & spreading the Good News?  Sign up for my evangelism newsletter at

🙏 We are praying for you!

We pray you are effective in loving like Jesus and spreading the Good News! If you need anything please let us know!

Please keep us in your prayers, they work and are so powerful!

God Bless You,

The Blair Family